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NFT Smart Contract Development

A program that can make the agreement execution secure and seamless is a smart contract. Get the self-executing and enforcing designed digital protocol by Grey MatterZ proficient professionals. Our service will offer you a solution integrated with authentic and unique features.

How it works

This works for all. A predetermined condition on the network allows further action of the respective industry. In accordance with participants who want to perform a particular function the conditions are determined. Once the transaction is done the blockchain network gets updated and cannot be reversed or changed.



Our smart contract development on Solana offers :

  • Improved transaction speed
  • High efficiency
  • Minimal Fee on each transaction
  • Web 3 applications compatibility


Our smart contract development on polygon offers :

  • Improved scalability
  • Easy application support on the network
  • Seamless functioning of decentralized applications

Staking Pool

Our smart contract development for staking pools offers :

  • Increase in the token liquidity
  • Assured rewards for investment to stakes

Real Estate

Our smart contract development for real estate offers :

  • The easy plots on metaverse.
  • Allows easy transfer and ownership for real estate entity
  • Seamless inclusion of clauses, details, and conditions for transactions.

Gaming Reward Distribution

Our smart contract development for gaming reward distribution offers:

  • Rewards for gaming
  • Mission completion and prize recompensation to players
  • Instant transfer of rewards to players' account

Trade Finances

Our smart contract development for trade finances offers:

  • Quick trading inclusive of lending, borrowing, selling, mortgaging, and staking
  • Intermediary elimination with simplified banking operation
  • Complying with conditions for decentralized platforms and trade operations

Smart Contract Benefits to Business

  • With clear & concise terms mentioned in smart contracts, execution becomes immediate
  • Empowers your business digitally with the elimination of paper
  • Automate the operations with the absolute exclusion of errors
  • Immutable records instill trust and transparency among participants in the transaction
  • Infrangible translation records to make enterprises' transactions secure and reliable
  • No delays and redundancy along with nonessential fees.

Smart Contract Use Cases


Improved efficacy of medication with a transparent supply chain and providing accurate data to parties.

Transport and Logistic

Ameliorated relationship among retailers and suppliers by quick disputes resolution and transparent supply chain


The faster and standardized ecosystem in business trading and banking with expansion opportunities and reduced friction and the least risk

Media and Entertainment

Automate the micropayment execution between artists and consumers. The integration of smart contracts eliminates intermediaries

How Grey MatterZ Helps You with NFT Smart Contract Development

  • The team provides the architecture service of smart contracts for the primary function.
  • Professionals will develop functionalities for multiple actions inclusive of non-fungible token minting, and DeFi process aid.
  • The development solutions include auditing smart contracts followed by analyzing them to make them error-free.

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