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Non Fungible Token

A crypto asset in the virtual world that is unique and cannot be replaced with any other token.

If you still have not leveraged the NFT token development solution, you are surely missing a sea of opportunities to make a mark in the market. For creators like you, non-fungible tokens give the chance of taking ownership of their work. NFT helps in eliminating the middleman adding security, uniqueness, and transparency features.

It makes it easy for artists to showcase their art and own percentages every time their asset is being sold. The recorded data on a decentralized secure blockchain network helps in keeping the transaction transparent for every sale.

Features of NFT

  • Secure
  • Exclusive
  • Inimitable
  • Intangible
  • Interoperable
  • Indestructible
  • Verifiable
  • Limited
  • Indivisible

Extensive Benefits of NFT

  • For every non-fungible token, the anti-fraud mechanism is integrated to make the trading environment secure
  • Trackable and transparent transactions over the blockchain network
  • Every NFT is unique that has protocols for generating a new token
  • Allows easy recovery for the tokens as records are permanent and inimitable on a decentralized ledger
  • Improved visibility in the market because NFT serves every industry

Why Your Business Needs NFT Token Development Solution

It helps your enterprises to formally give permission to users for their single-use promotional tools.
With the use of NFT, a business can easily create a program to earn loyalty from their customers.
The development of the token allows businesses to run their marketing campaigns effectively and also get support from charities.
Choosing the token development solution for a company makes the fundraising campaigns secure and also gives an unchallenging opportunity for expansion.
The business-related NFT also gains popularity among respective product or solution consumers. This will gain the attraction from other enterprises and bring more business

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Our NFT Development Standards and Technologies


Gives permission to develop a decentralized content system using blockchain.

Binance Smart Chain

It helps in having a platform to keep transactions manageable and automated by a smart contract.


Allows the complex creation of assets powered by multiple contracts.

EIP 2309

The creation of NFTs is accompanied by respective events.

ERC 1155

Gives the detail of existing non-fungible tokens and their operations

TRC 721

This is a standard interface. It plays a crucial role when NFT is issued on the TRON network

ERC 721

A standard protocol functions as a tamper-proof for the ownership of assets.

Advanced Encryption Standard

For data protection, this ciphered block is integrated.

Why Choose Grey MatterZ for NFT Token Development

  • The team experts in-depth analysis helps in collecting data and integrating the information with requirements for creating unique and valuable content
  • Develop NFTs in accordance with ERC 721 and ERC 1155 standards
  • Professionals handle network traffic and failure on a catastrophic level efficiently

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