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Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace

When looking for exchanges or marketplaces, interconnectivity is one of the most important aspects you should be looking for. NFTs are traded in many ways, so you need a solution compatible with as many standards and platforms as possible. GreyMatterZ offers a cross-chain NFT marketplace solution to make trading for your users seamless, swift, and secure

How It Works

Our platforms utilize atomic swap technology to allow communication between networks. This simultaneous communication ensures buying and selling assets over multiple blockchain networks remain quick and easy. Our marketplace offers features such as automatic host chain verification through proof of stake means, simplified payment verification for transaction anonymity, and smart contract compliance for additional transactions.

Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace Benefits Over Traditional Solutions

Secure more NFTs and transactions

Expand network reach, therefore bringing in more revenue

Improve energy efficiency and decentralization

Create sustainable and scalable economic growth

Types of NFT Marketplaces





How Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace Development Benefits Your Business

  • Reach a larger audience due to convenience for users
  • Multifunctional transactions
  • Increased security and transparency with encryption
  • Additional partnership opportunities with other marketplaces
  • Wallet system with a range of token compatibility

Why GreyMatterZ

  • Tamper-proof NFT ownership combined with military-grade encryption practices
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Instant NFT listing technology with reduced fees
  • GreyMatterZ Cloud Hosting ensures speed and security while ensuring optimal uptime
  • 24/7 customer service at all times

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