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As a leading blockchain development company, Grey MatterZ offers a wide range of blockchain applications that revolve around data storage in a better manner. Our industry experience has let us deliver products revolving around services including crowdfunding, DApps, cryptocurrency, ICO and more. The understanding of the vertical enabled us to design, develop, deploy and automate the product for the integration into the business.

We successfully have delivered applications based on blockchain technology. Our custom products have shown incredible results and let businesses make their process automatic and secure.

Grey MatterZ team is committed to deliver world-class app solutions that add customer-centric competitive advantage to your business. Our blockchain developers assure you of getting pioneering, secured, robust, and high-performance solutions.

What We Have to Offer

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NFT Development

Your customized marketplace with an increased security layer to buy, sell or research NFTs. Your business needs will be catered...

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NFT Marketplace

Buy, sell or discover by having a trusted place for your digital asset. It is a place for your creatives to have the ownership and authenticated information

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NFT Wallet Development

With the rise of blockchain and the Ethereum network came the rise of non-fungible tokens. A non-fungible token, or NFT...

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Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace

Cross-chain NFT marketplace has become the need of today. Everyday NFTs are being traded on the blockchain network...

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NFT Traditional Marketplace

One of the biggest waves of the Web3 era is the introduction of non-fungible tokens or NFTs. Grey MatterZ offers our in-house solution...

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NFT Token Development

A crypto asset in the virtual world that is unique and cannot be replaced with any other token...

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NFT Smart Contract Development

A program that can make the agreement execution secure and seamless is a smart contract. Get the self-executing...

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Semi Fungible Token Development

The SFT possesses attributes of both fungibility and non-fungibility. Semi-fungible tokens give your consumers

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NFT Studio

Having a gallery for your artwork or visiting studios to buy the best creative in the world is becoming a thing of the past.

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Crowdfunding Development Solution

Get help in sustaining a competitive market and avail monetary benefits for your project with the help of crowdfunding platforms.

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ICO Development

With our token development solution, keep your project funded with ICO. The solution will ensure the success of the venture...

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Blockchain Development Service

Own a secure and robust digital currency solution tailored to the business specifications that helps to create an unbeatable...

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Art Tokenization

From sculpture to painting and art, commercialize every curated image, video or file forms along with the IP rights by our experts.

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Asset Tokenization

Raising the funds becomes easy with tokenization of art, material, property or assets you own. Make it happen and raise the funds to improve your ROI.

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Solidity Development

Integrating smart contracts would never have become easy. Solidity service will make the exchange platform...

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DApps Development

Scale up your business with robustly built decentralized applications. Our customized solution for DApps ensures your peer to peer...

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Token Swap Platform

Decentralized application that will let you do self-onboarding, verify yourself for identification, and have a secure ethereum...

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Real Estate Tokenization

Get your real estate property tokenized and monetized to make profits. Blockchain technology integration by industry experts will add high security.

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Blockchain Consulting

Leverage the benefits of blockchain solutions by taking experts' advice. Our professionals are well versed with every advantage...

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Sectors that evolve with the trend of NFT Marketplaces

NFT for sports
NFT for music
NFT for memes
NFT for content subscriptions
NFT for fashion
NFT for domains
NFT for real estate
NFT for videos

Blockchain Technology Industry Application

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